Jim Couper

Addicted to Travel

This is the only planet I’m likely to live on so I might as well look around.” Jim Couper

 Jim and Lian Couper united in 1971 and immediately set out on their

first trip around North America, in a Jaguar XK 140 roadster, pulling a tent trailer.

 Over the next four decades there were six more trips around the continent with various tents, camper vans and motorhomes providing locomotion and accommodation.

  In 1980 they became the first to take the same vehicle to the ends of the world’s most southerly road (past Ushuaia, Argentina) and most northerly road (Nordcap, Norway).

 Lian described their journey on national television and radio while Jim wrote for a dozen newspapers and magazines

  Other trips include two major European excursions, several

treks though Central America, a jaunt around eastern Australia and seven ocean cruises.

 Feb. 2011: On behalf of  Bicycles for Humanity Jim flew from Kelowna, to Washington to London to Accra, Ghana to study the use and distribution of donated bicycles. He net wonderful, friendly people while traveling for three weeks Trip home required five planes.

 March  2011: Jim and Lian flew from Kelowna, B.C. to Fort Lauderdale, took MCS Poesia to Genoa, Italy, toured northwest Italy, flew from Pisa to London, enjoyed city for 10 days, flew to Toronto visited family, flew to Kelowna.

December 2011, Jim and Lian took train from Vancouver to Toronto, visited family, flew via Air Canada to Fort Lauderdale, took 6-day Carnival Freedom cruise to Grand Cayman and Jamaica, did story on Warm Mineral Springs on Florida’s Gulf Coast, took Panama cruise on Holland America Zuiderdam, flew to Toronto, visited family, flew to Vancouver Christmas eve, had Christmas with kids in Vancouver, drove home to Kelowna.

  Jim has been the guest of the Tourism Departments of Australia, Netherlands, Fort Lauderdale, Phoenix, Florida, Texas and West Virginia on writing and photography assignments

End of the road at Ushuaia, Argentina




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Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada